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As Vietnam snakes its way down from the rugged minority Hill tribe country along the Chinese border, to the abundantly fertile Mekong Delta in the south, a land unfolds that is as rich and diverse in natural beauty as it is warm and friendly in the welcome offered by her people. We have over 20 itineraries in Vietnam including trekking and cycling, covering both the mainstream tourist attractions and more obscure, seldom visited locations. So whether you're visiting this fabulous country for the first time, or as a return visitor looking for a new experience, Footsteps in Asia will help you discover a side of Vietnam that will leave you spellbound.

  • Although many of our adventures take it slowly, travelling overland – this form of travel does not suit everybody. If you prefer a trip that flies between destinations yet still covers all the ‘must see’ sights of Cambodia and Vietnam then this tour may be the best option for you.

    From: 2,040.00 USD
  • This tour will provide you with a deeper insight into a country that has emerged from hundreds of years of foreign domination and lengthy periods of war but is today steadfastly moving forward into the 21st century.

    From: 1,966.00 USD
  • In three weeks you will get to know the versatility of the former Indo-China, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. You travel through magnificent scenery with beautiful karst rocks, wild rivers and gorgeous beaches. You will meet friendly people in rural countryside villages and get swept along in bustling cities. Of course you will visit beautiful Buddhist temples and the overgrown ruins of Angkor Wat, in addition there are numerous cultural culinary delights. The beauty of pure Indo China leaves no one indifferent!

    From: 1,499.00 USD
  • This trip is designed for those who are fit, energetic and enjoy cycling. We are each supplied with a mountain bike as we travel from Saigon, via the central highlands and the stunning coastline, on to Hanoi, visiting the fascinating attractions of this beautiful country along the way. This is neither an endurance test nor a marathon survival race from one point to another and we try to avoid the busy, major highways. We ride instead on the back roads and, supported by a back-up vehicle, experience the best that Vietnam has to offer in a most interesting way!

    From: 2,180.00 USD
  • An ideal tour for those with limited time to visit Vietnam but who still want to see all the very best sites the country has to offer in the south, centre and north.

    From: 1,288.00 USD
  • It doesn't get any bigger than this! A tour that will provide you with the ultimate insight into the splendour and variety of South East Asia taking in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. You'll get to see all the charm of Indochina of the past and how its influence is still in place today. Your transportation and accommodation is widely varied allowing you to experience South East Asia, up close and personal.

    From: 3,399.00 USD
  • This is a tour that begins and ends in South East Asia's largest cities, Saigon and Bangkok, but also manages to take in the history of Cambodia's recent and ancient past as well.

    From: 832.00 USD
  • This is the ulimate Indochina tour - a grand adventure through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam that immerses us in the region's rich historic and cultural heritage.

    From: 4,406.00 USD